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Keeping It Simple


Listen to this audio for a simple overview on how easy it is to get started teaching your child.





Keeping It Simple Audio

The Final Step


Once your child can quickly identify all of the whole words, phonograms, and letter sounds as shown in this program you are ready to listen to "The Final Step!"




The Final Step Audio

Keeping It Fun


For parents of children who don't seem too interested in flash cards, this audio is a must to listen to. Tap into what motivates your child and help keep it fun for everyone!



Keeping It Fun Audio

ch, oo, ee, ea, ed, dge,


th, sh, oa, au, kn, ei,


oi, oy, wh, er, ir, aw




Phonograms1 Video

ew, or, ar, ow, ou, ui,


ur, ai, ph, igh, wr,


ti, ci, si, cei




Phonograms2 Video

a, b, c, d, e, f







a To f Basic Sounds Audio

e, f, g, h, i

Crafts and materials that can help reinforce these sounds






a To i Crafts Video

g, h, i, j, k

l, m, n, o

p, qu, r, s, t

u, v, w, x, y, z





g To z Basic Sounds Video

Why is the letter "d" taught last?





Introducing b & d Audio

Examples of the many different sounds of "ou" within words:











Introduce words with "ou" as whole words Audio

Who Should Teach...





You don't have to be a perfect parent to help coach young children how to read. All you need is to be organized and exercise patience. I do not claim to be the world's most patient person. However, if I'm not in the mood to have a little fun with the flash cards and my child, then I don't do it. Keep it positive and it will be fun. If you have a bad attitude so will your child! So if that is the case, leave it to the professionals.



Flash-Card Find & Match Game






Milk Carton Letter Mailbox Game



Letter Monster Game





Kelene McCaffrey






Although this program is for preschoolers and it is based on common sense; although I am not the first, nor the last parent to coach their kids to read, it would seem to give skeptical people some reassurance to know that more than a third of my Degree focussed on Education and English studies. I have also worked in preschool settings. I first researched, wrote and implemented this program after completing my post-secondary Degree. I was already a Nanny of two preschoolers while completing the final credits of my Degree program and so once finished with formal studies it seemed a natural transition to teach the children in my care. My most important experience, however, has been implementing this program not only as a mom, but as a working mom. Constantly juggling my own schedule to provide phonics basics for my own 3 children was by far my biggest challege: yet has proven to be realistic and achievable.